Originally from Alabama, Jamie Thomas has made his dreams a reality by putting everything on the line and following his passion for skateboarding. In 1992, at the ripe age of 17, Jamie made his way to California with the goal of becoming a professional skateboarder. With no place to live, he began his new life on the streets of San Francisco. After several months on the streets, Jamie caught a break and got sponsored by a small upstart skateboard brand and was given a Pro Model in 1993.

Shortly after his appearance in the legendary Toy Machine video ‘Welcome To Hell’ in 1996, Jamie started Zero Skateboards with the help of Tod Swank. His strong work ethic, relentless determination and perseverance proved to be the driving force behind his professional skateboard career as well as the new brand. In 1997, Jamie attempted a jump off a 2-story drop at Point Loma High School that became known as the ‘Leap Of Faith’. This display of courage and commitment further solidified his name in skateboarding.

Jamie produced and starred in several monumental skate videos throughout the late 90’s. In 1999 Jamie received the award for ‘Video Part of the Year’ from his peers and the readers of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine for his part in Zero’s ‘Misled Youth’. In 2000 Jamie started Black Box Distribution in order to independently distribute Zero Skateboards. In 2002 Jamie was voted ‘Skateboarder of the Year’ by the readers of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.

In 2003 Jamie and Black Box Distribution started Fallen Footwear and Mystery Skateboards. In 2006, Jamie was presented with the Southern California Regional award for ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ from business leaders, Ernst & Young.

As a 20-year veteran of professional skateboarding, Jamie continues to release inspiring video parts, consistent magazine coverage and appear regularly on skateboarding’s leading websites; 2013 was the most productive year of Jamie’s career.

As a family man and father of three, Jamie has a heart for philanthropy. He has raised money and awareness through his brands for a number of charities and causes, such as Aids, Stand Up for Kids, Wildlife Conservation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, African Orphanages, Haiti, &  Skateistan.


  • 1992 Jamie moved to California from Alabama
  • 1993 Jamie turned Pro for Experience Skateboards
  • 1994 Jamie started riding for Ed Templeton’s company Toy Machine Skateboards
  • 1996 ‘Welcome To Hell’ was released, which Jamie filmed, directed, edited and starred in
  • 1996 Jamie started Zero Skateboards through Tum Yeto, the partner and distributor of Toy Machine
  • 1997 Zero releases it’s first video, ‘Thrill Of It All’,  featuring Jamie’s ‘Leap Of Faith’ attempt
  • 1999 Zero releases it’s second video ‘Misled Youth’  featuring Adrian Lopez, Ryan Bobier, Jim Greco, Matt Mumford, Erik Ellington and Jamie.
  • 1999 Jamie received an award for ‘Video Part Of The Year’ from Transworld Skateboarding Magazine for his part in ‘Misled Youth’
  • 2002 Zero releases their third and much anticipated video, ‘Dying To Live’
  • 2002 Jamie was voted ‘Skateboarder Of The Year’ by Transworld Skateboarding Magazine
  • 2003 Fallen Footwear and Mystery Skateboards were launched along side Zero Skateboards
  • 2004, 2005, & 2006 Jamie led Zero Skateboards to consecutive victories of Thrasher Magazine’s grueling team tour challenge, ‘King Of The Road’
  • 2005 Zero Releases ‘New Blood’; Zero’s fourth full-length video
  • 2006 Jamie was presented with the Southern California Regional ‘Entrepreneur Of The Year’ award from Business Leaders Ernst & Young
  • 2008 Jamie has a starring role in Fallen’s debut video, ‘Ride The Sky’
  • 2013 Jamie is featured on two magazine covers, in multiple interviews, over 50 web appearances, the release of a full-length video part on the Berrics as well as a starting role in the Fallen Documentary film, ‘Road Less Traveled’ and a full part in the Zero video, ‘Cold War’